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Tile Effect Flooring

Tile effect flooring in laminate or luxury vinyl

Balterio Belgian Blue Honed


Balterio Belgian Blue Flamed


Balterio Limestone White


QuickStep Leather Tile Light

Arte UF1401

QuickStep Leather Tile Dark

Arte UF1402

Balterio Limestone Tobacco


QuickStep Marble Carrara

Arte UF1400

QuickStep Polished Concrete Dark

Arte UF1247

QuickStep Polished Concrete Natural

Arte UF1246

QuickStep Ceramic White


QuickStep Ceramic Dark

Exquisa EXQ1555

QuickStep Crafted Textile

Exquisa EXQ1557

QuickStep Ceramic Light

Exquisa EXQ1554

QuickStep Slate Black

Exquisa EXQ1550

QuickStep Cream Travertine

Ambient AMCP40046

QuickStep Slate Dark

Exquisa EXQ1552

QuickStep Trivoli Travertine

Exquisa EXQ1556

QuickStep Slate Black Galaxy

Exquisa EXQ1551

QuickStep Cream Travertine

Ambient AMCL40034

QuickStep Light Grey Travertine

Ambient AMCP40047

QuickStep Black Slate

Ambient AMCP40035

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