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Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors are made up of three layers of solid wood, covered with a protective finish. A selection of raw materials and a tightly controlled manufacturing process guarantee optimum stability and durability.


  1. Depending on the parquet floor you choose, this finishing layer may consist of:

    • Seven layers of UV-cured, water-based lacquer which make your floor easy to clean and provide protection against wear, scratches and stains.

    • Two layers of quality oil which ensure graceful aging as well as an extra matt and natural look.


  2. A face layer: a carefully selected, solid wood layer. Available in a vast array of colours and structures, this face layer can be sanded and refinished.

  3. A core layer: the core consists of spruce, hevea or HDF and makes your floor stable and durable.

  4. A veneer backing of spruce or pine, which – in combination with the other layers – prevents the floor from cupping or warping.

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